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How does Ayasan Cares work?

Speak to a Care Advisor

Make a Care Plan Together

Get matched to Kaigo (Caregiver)

Pay initial fee and sign contract

Our approach to home care is different

And it's working better for everyone.


out of 5 stars average rating from Ayasan Cares clients.


Support to handle any caregiver or client emergencies.


of out Care Pros love working at Ayasan Cares.


Ayasan Cares gets top marks in every respect. They have great communication, great people, great service, top, notch in every area.
Bangkok, Thailand
Ayasan Cares is much more than operations support or a tech platform, they're a true partner in every aspect of my business.
Adrienne Sweet-Patel
Bangkok, Thailand
I have been a caregiver since 2014. Now with Ayasan Cares, I just open the app to quickly share notes with family members, look at my schedule, and prepare for my visit.
Bangkok, Thailand

Top question about Caregivers

Why is it important for the elderly to have care?

Home care can help elderly people maintain their independence and confidence, while also providing support when needed. This can have a positive impact on their overall health and well-being. Home care providers can help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, as well as household chores, companionship, and emotional support.

What is the shortest duration for a elderly care contract?

The duration of a Ayasan Cares elderly care visit starts from 3 months, depending on the family’s preferences and your loved one’s needs.

How fast will I receive the elderly care service?

Once you have confirmed that you will like to engage Ayasan Cares’s home care service, we can match you or your loved one with a suitable Kaigo(Caregiver) as quickly as within 5 days.

Who are the Kaigo at Ayasan Cares?

Kaigo is our professional caregiver, they are Thai or Foreign workers who are passionate and dedicated to delivering quality elderly care to families and care recipients.

What are Ayasan Cares packages?

We offer 3 packages based on work conditions. Reach out to our Care Advisors at Line: Ayasancares or 098-986-5031 for more details.

What types of specialized care do you offer for specific needs, such as dementia or mobility issues?

We provide specialized training for our caregivers, ensuring they are equipped to offer tailored support for individuals with specific needs such as dementia or mobility issues.

How do you ensure the safety and well-being of the elderly under your care?

Our approach involves developing individualized care plans based on thorough assessments, addressing the specific needs and preferences of the elderly. We prioritize open communication with the family to stay informed about any changes in the individual's health or living situation.

What technologies do you incorporate into your caregiving services?

To enhance our caregiving services, we offer tablets to collect comprehensive data on elders, including daily blood pressure readings, medical tracking, and more.

Can I customize the care plan service?

Absolutely, you can customize the care plan services according to your needs. Our dedicated staff will discuss your requirements and work with you to personalize daily tasks and service details.

Who are the Ayasan Cares Professionals? Locals?

We offer the flexibility of both local and international caregivers based on your preferences. All our caregivers undergo extensive training and have valuable experience in providing top-notch care.

How are your caregivers trained and screened?

Our caregivers hold certificates in CG (Caregiver) and NA (Nursing Assistant) issued by reputable institutes. We conduct basic background checks, focusing on court cases and convictions. For a more detailed criminal background check, which takes 3-5 business days and costs 500 Baht per person, we ensure a thorough screening process. This ensures that our caregivers are qualified, trustworthy, and dedicated to providing exceptional care.

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