In Thailand, we saw many people face the issue that our Maid / Nanny does not work for my family as the permanent and switch the new helper every month. In the most of case, you keep saying or feeling ‘ Im not Lucky’.  To prevent the high turnover rate of housekeeping staff,  all of employers need to recognize the management skill to solve this issue. Many people think it is not difficult to do but it is very difficult. In South Asia, it is not common that the employees to work for the same place as the permanent term even for the big company. Many companies are investing and training them to prevent the issue.  For the individual employers, it is harder to prevent this kind of problem. There are simple 3 steps to solve this kind of issue without any stress.  You can try this action out from Today !!!

  1.    Summarize the important tasks – maximum 5 points
  2.    Keep tracking and Give feed-back.
  3.    Be Flexible

Many employers try to give a lot of information to make them follow the expected daily task perfectly. It is very bad management manner especially when you treat maids/nannies staff. You have to know there are a lot of job opportunities for Especially English Speakers, so if the employees do not like your management, the helper will leave your door immediately. Good management way is instructing shortly / summary / easily.  You need to summary 3 to 5 important points. If more, it does not work for sure. You must ignore the small things – if you can not, it would be better for you not to hire the household helper.

You must give the feed-back to employees, even small things.  Most of employers give many tasks and less feed-backs. This is the worst management. When you inform the feed-back, you must summarize the feed-backs always. The communication skill is very important when you offer the feed-back.

Flexible management is the very important term. If you offer the strict / fixed rule, it would kill the employee’s motivation. In south Asia, most of people prefer little relaxed working attitude.. If you try to use the strict management as what your country use, you can not keep the employees more than 3 days for sure.

Let’s stop blaming your helpers. Your employees will change into the positive way, depending on your management skill.  if your helper likes you, the employees work harder for you. You must take the right management way step by step. Employees are happy, then Boss will be happy.  Please do not change the opposite phrase when you want to succeed your employment.

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